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a few words from Sarah & Anthony:

In search of the perfect photographer for our wedding, we were seeking someone we felt connected to, and most importantly someone who we could entrust this once in a lifetime event to. Every couple has heard horror stories of photographers that did not deliver, could not capture the emotions and beauty of the wedding, or simply produced photos that did not satisfy expectations of capturing moments of the most memorable day of your life. After encountering countless photographer web pages that presented mediocre pictures that we felt were not far from our own capabilities, we stumbled upon Gabe’s Perspectiveye website. Immediately, we noticed a drastic change in the quality of the photos he captured. He has his own unique style of not only capturing the moment, but creating the moment as well. You could feel the sparks between couples that you have never seen or met as if you were standing with them in the picture. We knew then that this was definitely a photographer that we needed to meet in person to confirm that his character would match our ideals for our shoot. The moment we met Gabe, his portfolio and credibility earned our trust and we felt connected and comfortable with his professional, yet laid-back personality.

Gabe’s calm personality and sense of humor makes working with him enjoyable. From the beginning we felt connected to him like friends, feeling open and at ease. We felt this held great importance, as pictures could not possibly look natural with even the slightest feelings of tension or awkwardness. From the engagement shoot to the wedding day, every moment with him was relaxing as if there was not a camera pointing at you, making it possible to fully enjoy the moments of our special day.

Perspectiveye is a very suitable name for Gabe. When you’re in the shoot with him, you will go into locations one would never choose on their own, or even think a photo in that location would look presentable. However, his sense to find potential in unexpected places and his skill to re-create the environment produces results that are unarguably incredible.

Despite seeing his previous work that had raised our expectations, each photo taken by Gabe was a fantastic surprise for us as we flipped through the final product. Perhaps it was because he had taken the time to find out what aspects of the wedding were most important to us. He had completely captured the most valuable moments of our day in the form of photo memories. Every picture was a story of emotions that we can re-call just by looking at the photo. We recommend Gabe with confidence.

Thank you Gabe,

Anthony & Sarah {August 28th 2010}

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a few words from Tonya & David:

Your wedding day arrives so quickly, yet it seems like a lifetime to be created. Who will be that special person that becomes your wife or husband? Where will you get married? Plus all the details in-between, from flowers to colours to guest favours.

Then finally your wedding day arrives and goes by at light speed. Every moment seems surreal as you realize that the day is upon you. It starts to sink in as you see the smiling faces in the Church and you realize that everyone is there that day for two people, to celebrate their love and their decision to spend the rest of their lives together. With a blink you are listening to the wonderful speeches and anecdotes at the reception, but through it all, all you can think about is the beautiful person who is right next to you.

After the wedding had come and all the details were over in a flash, I wanted to believe that my wedding day was as beautiful as I hoped it would be. That is the time that we received our proofs from Gabe. We were blown away at how Gabe captured each memory of the day. Gabe’s photos made our wedding look like it was out of a magazine. The professionalism of Gabe’s work is undeniable. Through his lens, he captured the raw emotion, the imagery and the feeling of the moment. His photos tell a timeless story of love and beauty. As we look back through our photos of our wedding day, we can literally relive each moment from the smile from our grandmothers to the tears during each speech. Gabe’s touch brings out each detail and makes us believe that we had the most amazing, beautiful wedding. These same feelings flood from all his weddings: the love, the connection and the timelessness.

More than just a photographer, Gabe has become a friend. His approach to photography is more than just a job or the way to make a living. Gabe truly took the time to get to know us right from the start, so that he could understand the style that matched our personalities and our love. His understated approach ensures spontaneity in each photo, yet his creativity allows personality to blaze through. At our ‘Connection’ session, Gabe made us laugh so many times and as a result we were relaxed and just ‘us’, rather than looking posed and identical to so many other couples.

I can’t say enough how thrilled we are with our decision to choose Gabe as our wedding photographer. We are always proud to show-off our wedding photos and love flipping through them to remember the day and look forward to having Gabe capture the next milestone in our lives.

Tonya & David {August 15th 2009}

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a few words from Adam & Melissa:

To most couples, their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives. A day that is treasured in their memory boxes, accessed when moments of joy and love are needed.

As time passes, however, those moments begin to fade and what we are left with are those memories joined together through words and through images captured on our day. The importance of choosing one’s wedding photographer, then, cannot be overlooked. Knowing this, we proceeded with cautious deliberation when attempting to find the right photographer for us. When we met with Gabe there was an instant ease between all of us and a patience about him that enabled us to understand where he was coming from as a prospective photographer. While all of his couples have beautiful weddings, we were struck by how each wedding he showed us told its own unique story. It demonstrated to us that Gabe not only understands wedding photography, but how to connect with those he shoots as well. Photographing weddings is not as much a business for Gabe as it is an expression of his artistry, and his uncanny ability to capture beautiful and rare silent moments of affection between couples has been demonstrated countless times on gabemcclintock.com.

The hectic pace of one’s wedding day means that having someone as calm and confident as Gabe eases some of that anxiety. The ability to trust that your photographer has the skills necessary to capture wonderful moments you hope to remember forever is a luxury that we firmly believe is not accessible with all wedding photographers. Gabe is well prepared to meet your expectations beforehand, as he recognizes that there are as wide a variety of desires from one’s wedding photographs as there are brides and grooms. Adam and I wanted those once in a lifetime, enchanted moments to be captured and that is exactly what we got. There are still times where we return to our images and certain frames take our breath away. These images captured experiences we may have overlooked or ones that, over time, may have become lost beneath all of the new memories we are creating together. The beauty, joy and the love we shared with those we cherish most in this world is reflected in our final wedding images and we are so happy to have them to return to whenever we want a reminder of that very special day.

Adam and Melissa {August 2nd 2009}