Connection is the catalyst for creation on your wedding day

I feel extremely fortunate to have such incredible couples during all of this. Understanding, generous and most importantly, each one of them has been kind. So thank you to each and every one of you who may read this.

However not everyone has been so lucky. I am beginning to feel that some couples are forgetting or maybe they are not realizing, that much of what we create as photographers on your wedding day is not only based on our skills but on the connection we have with you, your family and your guests. Our interactions together, both leading up to your day as well as on you day, greatly effect the work we produce. If the connection and trust is lost or lacks between us, it will reflect in the resulting images that we deliver to you afterwards. While we’re all professionals and the images will of course be wonderful, it is that trust and mutual connection that will allow us to go from creating great images to extraordinary images for you.

It is why so many of you may choose one photographer over the other when you start your search. Budget is an obvious factor, but you chose a photographer that you “connected” with. A photographer who you got along with or can envision spending one of the most important day of your lives with. My guess is, after your initial meeting with your wedding photographer you got off the phone, the FaceTime meeting, Skype meeting or on your drive home and said to each other, “We really liked him.” or “I think she’d be perfect to capture our day.” That is because you connected.

Now as a wedding photographer who has been working with couples from all over the world for the past 17 years, I understand this first hand. I will often explain to potential couples in meetings that while I do truly appreciate their interest in me capturing their day, I don’t take on every wedding client that would like to book. Because again connection is everything.

So as you start to look at postponing or rescheduling your wedding day, please understand that we as wedding photographers (and really any vendor you’ve hired) are not out here trying to make this more difficult for you. We definitely want the opposite. We are also in the same difficult situation as you. We were looking forward to your day like you were looking forward to your day. We have families to take care of, car payments, monthly mortgage or rent to pay, bills just like you. When you ask for your retainer back, it is essentially like your employer asking you to return that pay check they paid you 6 months ago.

Try to remember that, that photographer you connected with before the entire World was turned upside down, is still that same person. Like you, they have the same mouths to feed. The same car to pay for. The same mortgage or rent due each month. What has changed is that now they can’t work and trust me when I say, they so want to.

So as Countries, Provinces and States start to ease restrictions, know that we are very excited to get back to work. Your day may look a little different then you originally planned but how hard we are going to work, looks exactly the same as we originally planned. Keep your trust in us. Please don’t fight us on non-refundable retainers, contracts in place and rescheduling dates and know we are 110% here for what you hired us for, to capture and document your day. So that in 20 years, when you’re sitting down with your kids, you’re able to look back at all the beauty your one single day created in a world of chaos.

I thank you. We thank you.

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