what to expect:

This workshop is all about making things personal and getting the right couples to trust you. It's about being stubborn and shooting for you. I want you to ask me anything, as i have nothing to hide. I will talk about how I work with my couples in order to achieve the intimacy and foster trust that is basis for everything I try and create.

There will be a live session with a couple where I will demonstrate the techniques discussed earlier to capture a honest visual connection between two people.

You will leave feeling inspired to follow your own path. To do things that feel right to you and by doing so attracting the clients you want.

cost is £350

Time: 9 am - 5 pm


the one day workshop

Gabe Mcclintock

i am fascinated with human connections.
i am an observer. a dreamer and a traveler. my name is Gabe McClintock and i am deeply grateful for this life my couples allow me to live.

The experience

“Though I had never attended a photography workshop, I had a feeling Gabe's 'One Day Workshop' would be pretty amazing, but I never imagined how profoundly it would change my business, the way I shoot, and the way feel about my work... In just a matter of hours, pretty much everything changed for me... In the best way possible. Not only did Gabe cover ground related to the technical and creative aspects of shooting (no question or topic was off limits, he was refreshingly open and honest), he also encouraged us to consider some huge questions that have helped me hone in on what sort of work I want to create... How I want people feel when they look at my images... I came away inspired and excited. Since taking the class, I have a confidence with shooting/showing the work that I love creating, and because of this, I have seen not just an increase in bookings, but a rise in booking the kind of clients I LOVE to photograph.”
— Heather Purdy Mobley


Thank you to all of our sponsors for backing our education.