i can’t promise to fix all your problems but i can promise you that you won’t have to face them all alone

as a parent when i hear of families having health concerns with their children it hits close to home for me. as parents it is much easier to put yourself in their shoes. its easier to imagine. to empathize with them. what if it were my own child? so when our good friends Josh and Jenny Solar found out that their little boy had Cystic fibrosis, Jen and i felt sadness. to hear about the struggles they faced just to find out what was wrong with their son. then with all of that happening their daughter recently was also diagnosed. again Jen and i couldn’t begin to imagine what they were going through plus on top of all of this, they have been in a constant battle with insurance to have treatments and medical expenses covered. expenses that are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

so Dana Pugh reached out to myself and so many other amazing artists from around the world to help our good friends. it won’t cover all the expenses but it can help a little. there are online mentoring sessions, family sessions, branding packages, workshop seats…the list goes on and on. it is so incredible to be part of a community that does’t hesitate to help those in need.

myself and our good friend Ken from Renaissance Albums are teaming up to donate a 1-2 hour connection session complete with the full resolution files as well as a 10×10 12 spread SOHO book of the session. the session can either be local here in Calgary or if you’re a photographer are planning to be in Vegas for WPPI later this month we can shoot out at the beautiful Red Rock Canyon {Saturday February 28th or Tuesday March 3rd 2015}

link to auction item here: connection session & SOHO album


thanks so much everyone and be sure to check out the rest of the amazing items here: Fundraising for Max + Ava’s Medical Bills