my life isn’t perfect. but it does have perfect moments

it was one of those moments where you just have a feeling. a feeling that this is the makings of something special. something that will forever be etched in your memory. this trip. those few days and most importantly this amazing couple who put 100% of their trust in me have completely changed my life. there were so many moments where i just smiled while shooting those few days. from walking across moss covered lava fields while chasing light. to standing along the side of gravel roads watching the oncoming storm clouds. to this very moment. this incredible moment where Josh and SARAH walked to the cliff edge and stood there holding each other. keeping each other warm while Gullfoss roared behind them and the mist fell down on them like rain. i knew when we took these images that trip that we had created something special. something we would all be proud off. but i never in my wildest dreams did i expect the worldwide reaction to it. for me just to have had the opportunity to spend a few days with my good friend EWAN exploring Iceland with such an amazing couple was perfect but the reaction from people around the world is more then i could have ever dreamed of.

this award is for Sarah and Josh. for this incredible couple who are the soul reason this whirlwind of a year has happened to me. from the bottom of my heart i thank you for everything and congratulations guys on winning the:


brides without borders, 2014 wedding image of the year, iceland, gullfoss, wedding, ©Gabe McClintock Photography