it was a few days of inspiration. a few days of stories shared and stories told. it was meeting new friends and seeing old ones again. i had no idea what to expect as i made my way to LA last week to speak at the Adventure Always conference. all i knew was i was nervous and excited to share my story with those that would listen.

i wanted to write here about the amazing people i met. the incredible and emotional stories i listened to. the experiences i had, but found it difficult to put it all into words. it’s hard to articulate how wonderfully amazing those few days really were. how do you write about the feeling one has while sitting atop a hill over looking Los Angeles at 6:30 a.m. listening to music with a hundred friends? how do you put into words the incredibly emotional stories people like Ryan Muirhead or the Parsons shared with all of us strangers? or how amazing and honest Fer Juaristi is as he shares his approach to his work? words here wouldn’t do it justice so i won’t even begin to try. did it change my life? no i don’t think so. but it did make me reflect on how incredibly lucky i am. how blessed i am to live the life i live and to have met so many amazing people along the way. and for that i am grateful i was a part of it.

thank you to all of you who i had short conversations with and to those who came up to me after my talk and throughout the conference to thank me for sharing…i want to thank you for listening.

thank you again and remember to adventure always.

below is the slideshow i shared of who i am as an artist.

music ~ say something by a great big world