life is a journey, not a destination ~ ralph waldo emerson

it’s a change i’ve been thinking about for a few years now. a change to make my brand more personal. a brand that would better reflect what i am after, when i shoot. i want my couples to have a connection to the name, a real name. a person and not just a company. perspectiveye started way back, many years ago, as a dream when i was working in retail. it was a name that started it all for me and for that i am forever grateful. it’s what my company has been known as, for many years, but now i feel it’s time. time to evolve. time to grow. time to move forward. my style has changed dramatically since those first years shooting under the perspectiveye name. looking back now i feel that then, it was all about style and now, i feel my photography is about much more than that. i feel now it’s more about substance. about emotion. real life. love. happiness. about real human connection. and shooting under my name feels more true to that than any other name.

this new site is me, more than anything before. this site is all about the image. i wanted something that was simple. clean. free of distractions. this site is more about substance and the photograph, than about flash and style. i have decided to combine my connection work, my wedding work and my film work; as each genre is a part of who i am. each has different meanings to me personally and each one allows me to express myself differently while still maintaining substance, emotion and honesty. there is also an area where i will share the thoughts and feelings from my incredible couples. amazing people who welcomed me into their lives and allowed me to be a witness to their beautiful connection and celebration. their words are real and honest.

so here it is. my new chapter and i can’t wait to see where we go from here.