how do i describe this day? i have been asking myself this since the helicopter ride back to the base. i’m not really sure there are words that could. it’s the one time in my life that i have truly been speechless. i try to tell friends about what it was like and i find myself thinking for a bit. trying to find words to explain how incredible it really was and all i come up with is, “it was amazing.” yet in my mind i know these three words do not even come close to describing it. so i won’t try to explain to all of you. i’ll share a short video of the day from some GoPro footage (the file is large so let it load and turn up the speakers) and some images from my iPhone. and if you ever get the opportunity to heliski, don’t hesitate to do it and once you land you too will be asking yourself the exact same question…“how do i describe this day?”