it’s been in the works for months. a surprise vacation to Disney World for the girls. months of trying to figure how to surprise them? do we do it the morning of, at the airport or do we give little clues the weeks leading up? in the end it was really all for nothing as when we did tell them the surprise, aisha clapped a few times and continued playing on the airport playground all while ella simply looked at me and walked away. needless to say the surprise reveal won’t be going viral on youtube.

regardless of the uneventful reveal the girls were excited every morning about what new adventure we were doing that day and what Disney characters they might see. honestly that was the most amazing thing for jen and i. seeing the the pure excitement and magic of Disney in their eyes.

most of the images from this trip i captured with my iPhone. if you’d like to see those there are on my Instagram feed here: all of them were taken with my iPhone 5, the Camera+ app and then edited with Afterglow.

and below are a few images created with my gear and edited with the new VSCO 03 Instant Film pack to give that film-y look to them.