in a world where we are so virtually connected to each other, it seems that in reality we are more disconnected then ever before. we have thousands of friends on facebook. we have strangers that follow us on twitter and people we don’t really know, like our images as we post little glimpses of our personal lives on instagram. all the while our real connections suffer. we all try not to let it but as a collective world it has. even the way we communicate with those closest to us has changed. where in the past we’d pick up the phone to have a conversation now many of us will just send a text message. again our human connection suffers.

so this is why connection sessions are so important to me. it’s a chance for my couples to take a break from the everyday. to slow down. to forget about work. facebook. twitter. to forget about life and really just experience the real. raw human connection with the one they love. it’s incredible to be there and witness it. for an hour or so it’s only about them. no tweets. no re-tweets. no likes. no follows. no texts. just a connection between two people that is so often pushed aside or forgotten about during our everyday life.

so grab someone close to your heart and hold them for 30 seconds. make one phone call instead of sending a text. tell the one you love that you love them and lets all celebrate more real human connections.

here are a few of my favorite connection moments from 2012 and for every comment left on this post about the images, the words or about how you strive to keep real human connection alive in your life, i will donate $2 to THORN come January 15th 2013. please share and lets raise some money.