it’s something i’ve thought about trying for while. kind of a personal challenge. a challenge to shoot an entire session with equipment that i was not used to. equipment that some would not call “professional”. could i do it? and could i produce a image that both i and the client would be happy with?

we photographers talk all the time about how the equipment doesn’t matter yet most of us have 2-3 professional camera bodies each one costing us thousands of dollars. then we attach fast professional lenses which cost thousands more. some of us use one or more flash units triggered wirelessly off camera and some of us have an assistant or two holding reflectors all to create the beautiful images we’re proud of…all while telling the world, “it’s not the gear that matters.” it seems somewhat contradictory to me (and i am just as guilty as the next, as I have said the exact same thing many times in conversation.)

with my wedding season finished and the fall season quickly being replaced by winter here in Calgary I decided to put the “gear doesn’t matter” expression to the test. having recently picked up a Fuji X-Pro 1 i felt this would be the perfect tool to challenge myself with. i know it’s not a $45 point & shoot like Terry Richardson uses sometimes, but it’s definitely not the gear i’m used to.

so lets see what happens.

at first it felt a little funny. it felt somewhat uncomfortable and at times frustrating. however other times having such a simple setup was freeing. a small camera. a light meter. an amazing model and gorgeous light. that’s it. nothing else. no reflectors. no flash units. no assistants. so so simple.

will i try it again? i’m sure i will. maybe the next challenge will be to shoot an entire session on my old pentax k1000. maybe my iphone. a holga or a yashica t4 a la Terry Richardson. what ever it’ll be i know it’ll be uncomfortable and awkward and this is exactly why i’ll try it again. there is something personally satisfying seeing images produced when the “gear doesn’t matter.”

camera body: fuji X-Pro 1
lenses used: fuji 35 f1.4 and fuji 18 f2
post work: processed with VSCO film
model: Irene Rudnyk