many say that in order to grow we need to step out of our comfort zone. out of the bubble we place around ourselves to try and prevent failure. to protect our egos. for myself this holds very true. recently as some of you know i launched another site under my name where i step away from my wedding and connection work. every session i do i am nervous for. not nervous because i’m afraid to fail. but nervous because it’s not that familiar to me. it’s not a bride getting ready. followed by a ceremony. portraits. reception. speeches and dancing. for much of the wedding day i am a fly on the wall. a guest with a lot of camera gear. i document things as they happen and really only control a small portion of the day. it’s familiar territory for me.

the familiar is safe. it’s comfortable and it has been and still is amazing to me. but this year i wanted to be uncomfortable. i wanted to try new things. i wanted to feel that nervousness again. i wanted to let go of my ego and perhaps fail. but in doing so i’m growing and having fun trying new things.

so here’s to the unfamiliar. to being uncomfortable. to working outside of my bubble.