i first met Alexandra at a recent conference in Banff last month.  talking with her over the few days it was very evident that we shared similar thoughts about our businesses and the direction we wanted them to go, so we decided that it would be great to collaborate on something. fast forward a month and after a few emails back and forth. coffee meetings and location scouting everything fell into place magically. an amazing model. the perfect wardrobe. a wonderful makeup artist and an incredible flower designer had all jumped on board willing to collaborate with us. excitement levels were high and Monday night everything came together perfectly. the weather had been pretty brutal all day with wind gusts, rain and hail but at 5 p.m. the clouds broke up. the wind calmed and the rain stopped. make up was being done in the parking lot. vases were boxed. flowers were being loaded on to the cart and we made our way into fish creek park. around 6:45 p.m. the table had been set and the flowers placed. everything looked amazing. everything except the sky to the west. it was black and as we stood in the trees we can hear the thunder booming all around us.

this is not good i thought

i load film in the cameras and start shooting. not even 15 minutes later i can see a wall of rain coming towards us about a mile out. so i tell everyone that we should take cover as it’s about to rain pretty hard….and then it hits. a downpour. garbage bags are quickly thrown over the camera bag in a panic to cover it up. $2000+ of clothing thrown under the table to protect it. absolutely beautiful floral arrangements frantically carried under the closest tree for cover and then we stand there. in the rain. no where to go. soaked and freezing. for about 25 minutes. seriously we can see our breath…it’s that cold. the rain eventually stops. the table cloth is soaked. puddles have formed on the plastic bag covering my gear. water squishes between my frozen toes with every step and did i mention we can see our breath? oh what a glamorous job. so we move the table to another spot. Alexandra redecorates the table while Rebecca fixes up some bouquets and we start to shoot again this time with Lauren our model. we shoot for another 45 minutes or so and the sun sets and with all the clouds it is really really dark.

now one of the many things i truly admire about Alexandra is her optimism. her drive and determination. “can we do one more shot down near the water with Lauren in what is basically a white nightgowny dress?” she asks us. Lauren says “yep” even though we’re sure she can no longer feel her arms or legs. the incredible Rebecca is still creating beautiful bouquets even in the cold darkness. Ashely continues to do make up touch ups which i’m sure is very difficult with frozen finger tips and Brooklynne rubs Laurens feet in attempts to warm them up. now with it so dark i have to switch to digital as i need a minimum of 2000 ISO to get decent exposures and shutter speeds. (if anyone knows me, i drink a lot of coffee so hand holding slower shutters can often be tricky for me) so i grab my digital. Lauren is ready and we start to shoot. as we’re shooting the sky becomes on fire with with the most amazing pink and red tones. it was so beautiful and the perfect way to end the night.

session film will be posted at gabemcclintock.com in a few weeks

photography – Gabe McClintock
creative direction & styling – Alexandra Joy Wig – Pink & Honey event styling
floral design – Rebecca Dawn Flower Designs
model – Lauren Barrie
hair – Lindsay Larsen – Hedkandi Salon
makeup – Ashley Gill
wardrobe – Anthropologie