it’s scary. or maybe it’s the fear of failure that’s scary. or perhaps it’s the fear of failure and a hurt ego that is scary. if i am being honest with myself i’d say that’s it. i have no idea if this will take off as perspectiveye has. no one knows. i hope it does. i dream that is does. but i don’t know. all i know is i have wanted to do something like this for a while now and my fears and excuses have always seem to make my decision for me. so many reasons why i cant do it. why i shouldn’t do it. really all just excuses.

so here it is. it’s not a huge body of work. to be honest i wouldn’t even call it a body of work yet. but it’s my work. it’s what i have right now and i have to start somewhere. portrait. fashion. commercial. i want to try new things. i am still shooting weddings as i love the emotion. the celebration. the connection but i want to explore more. so if you are interested in working together please let me know and let’s explore together.

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