it was another amazing year of celebrations. incredible couples who invited me into their lives for a brief moment and i did my very best to document what i saw. the laughter. the tears. the human connection. the connection between two people in love. the connection between families. between friends. between strangers. every wedding is different. each couple is different. each day is different. the scenery changes. the jokes during speeches are sometimes different :) but each wedding share a few things in common; the love each of my couples has for one another and the love each of their families has for them.

so this post is for them. this is for you. each one of my extraordinary couples. thank you for bringing me along your journey. thank you for allowing me to document your celebration. thank you to your families for treating me as family and not just the “photographer“. thank you for all the laughs. the honest emotions you shared with me and my camera. the connections you allowed me to capture. i am forever grateful to each and every one of you. you allow me to do what i love so i am able to spend time with those i love.

thank you.

that which is loved is always beautiful