it has been a dream of mine for years. a dream that always seemed just out of reach. something that would always remain just that. a dream. but Christmas morning 2011, my wife. the amazing mother of my children and my best friend for the last 12 years handed me a envelope. she bought me a day of heli skiing. what was once just out of reach was now going to happen. and to add kick ass to already awesome, my brother and dad were coming along. now if you are a skier/snowboarder believe me when i say there is nothing like climbing into a helicopter and being dropped of on the top of mountain peak. the chaos the chopper creates with it’s blades whirling at what seems to be a million miles an hour a few feet from your head. the noise. the intense wind. then it lifts off. and silence. calm and so incredibly beautiful. we skied almost 12,000 vertical feet that day and for all 12,000 feet i never stopped smiling. my face almost hurt as much as my legs did at the end of the day. so what is my dream now? simple….to get back in a helicopter and smile for another 12,000 vertical feet.

shot with canon G12. edited with VSCO