if you are going to be in Las Vegas in February for WPPI and would like a connection session please let me know. email me or leave a comment below and i’ll send over some details.

hope to see you soon.

and below are a few words from Jess & Brett with Our Life in Balance about their beautiful connection session last year.

“Last winter we had the pleasure of working with Gabe while attending WPPI in Las Vegas. Driving out to Red Rock Canyon we found the most perfect warm winter backdrop for our photographs. While shooting, Gabe was very gentle and unobtrusive. He gave simple direction, but let my husband and I fold into one another in a very natural way. He allowed us to just be; which was refreshing, and made us extremely comfortable.

My husband and I are photographers ourselves. We know that the majority of photographers have an artistic eye, true. They pay close attention to detail, capture stunning scenery, and compose beautiful shots. But every now and then, we come across a photographer that stands out from the rest. They see the world more deeply. They allow their intuition to guide them, so that not only do they compose a beautiful photograph, but they see things beyond the surface. These individuals create art that doesn’t merely capture the way someone looks, but captures their core. Consequently, their art is tender and natural, with a somehow tangible connection. This is what my husband and I see in Gabe’s work.

Upon receiving the photographs that Gabe took of us, we were blown away. He saw straight through…to our essence, and captured a moment in time that spoke volumes about who we are, together. If you are considering having a part of your life documented by Gabe, please do yourself a wonderful favor, and allow him to capture you through the eye of his lens. Seeing your world through his eyes is a wondrous privilege.”