i am fascinated by emotion. by real human connection. by life. by real life. so to be asked to document the birth of their second child was a phenomenal opportunity for me. the emotion of such a beautiful moment. the connection between a parent and their child is as real. as raw. as incredible as it comes. i so grateful to have met these two beautiful people whom i’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few years. from thier connection session. to their wedding day. to capturing images of their first baby girl and now the birth of their second. it has been a wonderful journey. thank you Joyce and Sean for putting your confidence and trust in me and my camera. i am forever grateful.

we never dreamed you’d be so beautiful…
in all of the times we tried to imagine
every last detail of who you would be,
thru all of the nights we spent quietly thinking
of how we would feel
when we first looked at you,
we patiently waited
and silently wondered.
We hoped and we prayed
and we tried to imagine…
but we never dreamed you’d be so beautiful.