it’s a first for me. something i have been asked to do before and have always shyed away from.

teaching. public speaking. sharing in a group setting. a workshop.

it makes me nervous. i was nervous as the site went live. “what have i got myself in to?” bounced around in my head all day yesterday. then that nervousness made way for excitement. excited to step out of my comfort zone. my bubble. i am excited to share. to share what i have learned. to share my experiences. my thoughts. excited to help. to listen. to teach. i am excited to learn from the other incredible artists that are joining me for this event:

• the brainchild behind the SHIFT / TILT workshop, Romin Lee based in Seoul and is truly an artist with a camera.

• Ewan & Brianna of The Last Forty Percent from London, Ontario who are amazing boudoir and wedding artists

• the absolutely incredible Seattle artist, Daniel Usenko whose images are so perfect and beautiful, it’s crazy.

so there it is. my very first workshop. i look forward to meeting you in April. for details and registration go to: SHIFT / TILT