one taking her first steps. the other taking the first step. it’s amazing to watch her. to see how big she is. how fast she is growing up. i remember her first steps. just like her younger sister. her cautious feet. her tiny legs. one in front of the other. wobbling. unsure. tiny hands reaching out for support.

she is still cautious. sometimes apprehensive. but right behind that apprehension is a beautiful confidence. and i have to keep reminding myself that she is only 3. she is still a little kid. our little kid. our beautiful little girl. the other day she graduated preschool. yes it’s only preschool. and yes there are many more graduations ahead. but this is her first. just like her first steps. her first words. her first anything. it’s the beginning of her journey. and we will be there along her side providing support. a ear to listen. arms to embrace. a hand to hold.

congrats Aisha.