how should i start this post. the post we all do. whether it be online. shared with loved ones or shared privately with yourself. a post about reflection. about looking back. about looking forward. to remember what it was that made the past year so incredible. or maybe it wasn’t so incredible for you. maybe it was good. or okay. perhaps it was just so-so. just another year. whatever 2010 was for you, it is now a thing of the past. a memory. a stepping stone. it’s water under the bridge or what ever other “it’s in the past” saying you can think of. it’s another year. a clean slate. a new stone to step on.

personally 2010 was the year my family grew by one. on May 28th our beautiful baby girl Ella Jade was born. her smiles from day one have been as contagious as a yawn. she smiles. you smile. it’s perfection. many wonderful things happened the past year, but this was the highlight.

on the business side, 2010 was the busiest year for perspectiveye since going full time. 24 weddings. 24 incredible couples. 48 amazing families. and thousands of moments forever captured by my camera. moments 48 families will look back on for years to come. i feel so blessed that i can do what i do. i am invited to, what is for many the single most important day of their lives. the beginning of a journey together. i am there. i am a witness to their personal history. what i capture is a visual record of those moments. moments they will talk about when they look back and reflect on the year passed. and all i can say is…


thank you. thank you to all the incredible couples and amazing families that i have had the honor of getting know through my viewfinder. through wonderful conversations. handshakes and hugs. thank you to all the incredible photographers i have become friends with locally and online. many of you inspire me personally and artistically. and most importantly thank you to my beautiful wife Jen and my two gorgeous daughters, Aisha and Ella. you girls are what drive me. i love you all beyond words.

so i wanted to share some images. some personal images. some wedding work. beautiful connections. a small glimpse of what my eyes saw the past year. moments that filled my viewfinder. i hope you enjoy these moments. and i can’t wait to get to know all my 2011 couples and their families though wonderful conversations. handshakes and hugs.

i wish you all much love and happiness for 2011.

write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year {ralph waldo emerson}