a few words from Megan & Chris:

While many things at a wedding demand a great deal of attention, care, and financial investment there are few things that are left to remind you of the big day other then memories. Photos can help aid those memories, memories that will last forever, memories that can be shared, memories that can be relived, memories that can provide a sense of comfort from our younger years to when we are old and grey.

When it came to our wedding photos second best wasn’t an option. We knew there were numerous wedding photographers out there but we yearned for a different style, a different perspective than the usual “portrait style/ point and shoot” photographers out there. The first thing that struck us about Gabe’s style was his immense attention to detail while being subtle at the same time. It is not very often that you can look at a photo and be both moved and awed. Gabe’s images are not just pictures, they are specific moments captured in time, images that can never be recreated, images that are timeless. The sheer beauty and brilliance in Gabe’s images only help to immortalize these moments and make a simple photo/moment last forever.

We believe that the work Gabe has done is a direct reflection of who he is as an individual. Before we met Gabe we had visited with many wedding photographers but their personalities did not mesh well with ours. Regardless of how good a photographer is if they do not share the same vision that you as a couple have you will not be satisfied. From the moment we met Gabe we knew he would be our wedding photographer. His demeanor, personality, and professionalism is something that should be admired and replicated more often in this business. Not only did he astound us with his work but he addressed any concerns and questions we had in an honest and respectful manner. His work during both our connection session and our wedding put us at ease and never made us feel uncomfortable or that we were objects being propped up to get a shot. Everything was fluid, candid, and comfortable, and Gabe was a delight to work with and be around.

If you can’t already tell we were astounded by the finished product. The images that we have shared with our family and friends blew all expectations away. Many friends compliment our images saying how they look like they are magazine photos or that they could be in art galleries. The feelings we share are mutual.

Gabe’s images are art, plain and simple. He is an artist first and foremost with his clients as his canvas. I encourage anyone that is interested in having their timeless moments captured on film to seek him out.

Thank you Gabe,

Megan & Chris {June 5th 2010}