a few words from Adam & Melissa:

To most couples, their wedding day is the happiest day of their lives. A day that is treasured in their memory boxes, accessed when moments of joy and love are needed.

As time passes, however, those moments begin to fade and what we are left with are those memories joined together through words and through images captured on our day. The importance of choosing one’s wedding photographer, then, cannot be overlooked. Knowing this, we proceeded with cautious deliberation when attempting to find the right photographer for us. When we met with Gabe there was an instant ease between all of us and a patience about him that enabled us to understand where he was coming from as a prospective photographer. While all of his couples have beautiful weddings, we were struck by how each wedding he showed us told its own unique story. It demonstrated to us that Gabe not only understands wedding photography, but how to connect with those he shoots as well. Photographing weddings is not as much a business for Gabe as it is an expression of his artistry, and his uncanny ability to capture beautiful and rare silent moments of affection between couples has been demonstrated countless times on gabemcclintock.com.

The hectic pace of one’s wedding day means that having someone as calm and confident as Gabe eases some of that anxiety. The ability to trust that your photographer has the skills necessary to capture wonderful moments you hope to remember forever is a luxury that we firmly believe is not accessible with all wedding photographers. Gabe is well prepared to meet your expectations beforehand, as he recognizes that there are as wide a variety of desires from one’s wedding photographs as there are brides and grooms. Adam and I wanted those once in a lifetime, enchanted moments to be captured and that is exactly what we got. There are still times where we return to our images and certain frames take our breath away. These images captured experiences we may have overlooked or ones that, over time, may have become lost beneath all of the new memories we are creating together. The beauty, joy and the love we shared with those we cherish most in this world is reflected in our final wedding images and we are so happy to have them to return to whenever we want a reminder of that very special day.

Adam and Melissa {August 2nd 2009}