a few words from Kristen & Richard:

If a picture paints a thousand words, then each of Gabe McClintock’s incredible photos carries within it a hefty PhD thesis… a stunningly captivating, heartwarming, artful and beautifully nuanced thesis, mind you. From the moment we booked Gabe to photograph our wedding (two solid years in advance to ensure he would absolutely be available!) until the moment we saw our edited images for the first time, we were thrilled that the story of our love would be told through his expert lens.

My husband, Richard, and I were more than half an hour late for our Connection Session, having been caught in terrible traffic on our way to the arranged meeting spot. Instead of dealing with an annoyed and impatient photographer when we finally arrived, Gabe’s laid back and empathetic professionalism immediately relaxed us, and we still got to enjoy more than an hour of beautiful picture-taking and conversation, proving Gabe’s ability to work in volatile, changing contexts with an exceptionally good sense of humor. I think this is probably one of the most valuable qualities you can find in a wedding photographer, who is charged with the difficult, and somewhat stressful task, of capturing every moment of a day that almost never plays out exactly as expected.

When we saw Gabe again on the morning of the wedding, he deftly moved from room to room, unobtrusively capturing real, un-staged moments of preparation, from the bride and her sister trying to reach the dress down from its hanging place on the (too-high) light fixture, to the ring-bearer scarfing down his ketchup covered breakfast in his underwear. Every detail of the ceremony, from the programs to the flowers to the kiss and the bubble-filled aisle was photographed with extreme artistry. The intimate, emotional moments of my husband and I holding hands on a mountain forest path and the hilarious awkwardness that ensued when one of the guests accidentally kissed the mother of the bride on the lips during a reception game were captured with equal passion, nuance, and careful composition.

We are so grateful to Gabe for helping us preserve the most special moments of our wedding with such care and talent, as his beautiful images will help to replace our own memories of the day, when they inevitably fade somewhat with time. There is no better money you can spend in your wedding budget than to have Gabe share your day with you… I only wish we could have him with us to capture and show the truth of every significant life event with equal brilliance.

Thank you so much Gabe.

Kristen and Richard Simpson {October 9th 2010}