a few words from Gabi & Greg:

You don’t take a photograph, you make it {Ansel Adams}

Ansel Adams may never have met Gabe McClintock, however it feels like this quote was designed specifically for Perspective Eye. Gabe doesn’t simply “take” photographs, he “makes” them into nothing short of art…he creates beauty out of the most simplistic forms. His images had caught both our eyes far before we had even become engaged. Far before the dress, the event planning…even long before we had even set a wedding date, our first priority was to secure Gabe to photograph our special day.

When we looked at his images from other weddings, his work was a whole new level of photography that neither one of us had experienced. The emotion that was both caught in the photograph and simultaneously felt inside ourselves connected us to complete strangers and we knew immediately that we wanted our own engagement and wedding photographs to “come alive” with this exact same emotion. Gabe’s images definitely speak for themselves just by looking at them; however the person behind the camera lens is just as amazing.

He has this ability to make any situation comfortable and capture the true sense of who we are as a couple. Throughout both our engagement shoot and our wedding pictures, it felt like though Gabe was standing five feet away, it was almost like he was invisible. We felt so at ease that we could express ourselves without feeling self conscious or uncomfortable. We had an instant trust level with him! And knowing that regardless of all the things that could go possible wrong during a wedding, we knew we had nothing to worry about when it came to our wedding pictures.

As for our final images from both our engagement and wedding…words cannot even begin to express it! Some that definitely pop into mind are “brilliant, beautiful, amazing” (the list literally could go on forever). Every time we look at our photographs (over and over and over again); we feel the exact same emotions as if we were standing there right at the moment. The best part is finding images that we didn’t even know he took that display that special little moment caught behind a tree, or amongst our guests or taken from a balcony. Gabe has this uncanny way of being everywhere at once and catching every last little detail. The memories and the photographs of our experience are truly priceless. We consider ourselves privileged for being able to work with such a talented photographer.

Thank you Gabe!

Gabi & Greg {September 11th 2010}