i had to share this. not too sure why, but something in me said to do so. it hit me when i read it. it hit me hard. it hit me emotionally. a letter i received this Christmas morning. it brought tears to my eyes (and still does as i type this) they are very personal words from the love of my life talking about what i love to do. they are honest words. words from her heart. words i needed to hear. words i feel we all need to hear. most of us first picked up a camera because we love the art. we love the way capturing a moment makes us feel. then like many of us we decide, one day to make it our entire life. we all try not to let it define us as a person, but it does. we’re the “photographer” we love the sound of that. the photographer. you made it. you make a living out of what was once a hobby. what many consider a hobby. you feed your family. shelter and clothe the ones you love with your art.

is there a better job in the world then that?

but like myself, we sometimes lose track of what it was that got us into this incredible career. perhaps we lose some of the passion. the love. the excitement. or perhaps we never lose it. but maybe we just misplaced it. we just need to remember where it was we last put it. look hard. it’s there. trust me. shoot what pays the bills. of course. this is a business. but shoot what pays the heart. cause at the end of the day if your heart isn’t getting paid nothing else really matters.

remember to never stop shooting lightning.