let me start off by saying i feel odd posting this here, but with a background and schooling in photojournalism, it is events like this that eventually made me turn to wedding photography. documenting happiness as opposed to capturing sadness and destruction. but i would be lying if images and moments like this didn’t get my heart racing a little and shoot adrenaline through my body. maybe it’s the ingrained photojournalist in me. or maybe that is just human nature. hate me for it. love me for it. but know that i never wish events like this on anyone.

anyway i post this image to put it out to my readers (it may just be my family who reads this blog or some one who stumbles upon it while searching eye care) but i want honest thoughts on it. i wanna know what you really think about it. if you are a photographer, critique it technically or critique it strictly based on the feeling it gives you (and i hope it creates a feeling)

you may be asking yourself, why? well there is a photography contest closing in a few days that i would like to enter this image. and i thought i would see what your thoughts are. if it had a chance or if it’s just simply an image of a fire. nothing more. nothing less. the contest closes November 30th, so any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.