it has been a roller coaster of emotions. from excitement to nervousness. pure happiness to extreme tiredness. my mind. my body. our minds. our bodies. have felt many feelings the last few days. but everything is slowly making its way back to normal. the new normal. new routines are starting to trend. sleeping on the verge of awakefulnesss not to miss a sound as ella wakes in her bassinet beside the bed. re-learning how to function on less sleep. aisha running around the house making sure anyone who visits understands that her name is now big sister. and most important to us is trying to include aisha in as much as possible with baby ella so she feels a part of the new change. we know it’s hard. hard for her. hard for any child. but she manages in her own way and she will never quite understand how much she is loved. how special she is to me. to us. but she will. one day she’ll know.

so there it is. this is my life. this is my new path. a path i explore hand in hand with three of the most incredibly beautiful girls i know. it’s going to be exciting. demanding. exhausting and exhilarating and i wouldn’t trade it for the world. wish me luck.

Ella Jade McClintock . born May 28th 2010 . 10:53 a.m. 5 lbs . 15 oz . 18.5 inches