“…when they asked me if I knew you
I’d smile and say you were a friend of mine
and the sadness would be lifted from my eyes…”

What to write when I know no words will ever heal the wounds of loss. No matter how many times they hear “I am so sorry”...it will never take away the burn their eyes feel as they cry. I cannot begin to imagine the emptiness they feel inside. The questions of why running through their minds. The feeling of it all being unfair. So I will not write something about how it’ll get better with time or all the other things you hear when something this tragic happens. The pain is real and it hurts. The answers will probably never come. The life lessons may come with time, but for right now and for what ever time needed, it is okay to feel pain.
Joanna was involved in a sudden and tragic ATV accident this past weekend. She is truly a beautiful person to many many people. Her smile, her laughter, her kindness will be deeply missed by all that knew her.

Joanna I know you will always be with Renn and those who love you and I am thankful you and Renn allowed me into your lives.


Joanna Crouch Davidson
November 15th 1983 – May 3rd 2009

There is a scholarship being set up called the Joanna Crouch Davidson Memorial Scholarship Fund for kids wanting to pursue their love of Photography. Donations can be made through Sundre school, Mountain View credit Union or C/O Box 454 Sundre, Alberta, Canada T0M 1X0.