Jackson’s Smile is where photography and compassion meet.


smile wasn’t free like most little boys. He was born with a rare
syndrome called “Simpson Golabi Behmel” as well as a cleft lip and
palate. His smile has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars thus far.
Jackson has already had two major surgeries in just his first year of
life. His
parents, Daniel and Halle, are doing all they can to provide Jackson
with a healthy life. Without insurance and financial gifts from others,
Jackson’s medical expenses would total close to one million dollars by
now, just so he can eat, drink, and smile. Simple gifts that most of us
take too much for granted.

Jackson’s Smile is a coalition of
photographic artists dedicated to giving baby Jackson and others like
him some of our most precious resources; our time, our money, and our

So I want to thank the amazing Cameron Ingalls for allowing me to take part in this and be sure to check out my gallery as well as the other incredible photographic artists involved to help a little boy and to get some amazing photographic art for your walls.